Looking beyond the politics to get to the core of the issue

Trump’s Legacy

Donald Trump has broken the mold of the presidency in ways that were unimaginable four years ago. We now must prepare for the reality that as an ex-president he is going to continue to disrupt American politics and society in ways that his predecessors never could have considered.

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The Age of American Tribalism

The Evolution of Special Interests and Decline of the Two-Party System Gary Waters/Ikon Images/Getty Images The concept of tribalism has become central to understanding politics in America. It is commonly defined as a source of identity for Americans, often based on...

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2020 and the Future of America

Why the upcoming presidential election is the most important in our lifetime Most presidential elections are about the country picking one lane or the other. But regardless of whether the right or the left wins the country generally remains on the same road....

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Trump Wants to Be Impeached

Why the impeachment process is Trump’s greatest weapon in the 2020 election The only thing more surprising than the findings of the Mueller Report a month ago has been the behavior of the President since. It was stunning to have no clear verdicts of criminal activity,...

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