Looking beyond the politics to get to the core of the issue

The Appearance of Diversity

There are two types of diversity, and only one of them is real… America has promoted increased racial diversity in business and academic environments since the 1980s. Despite this, there has been little change in the representation of African-Americans as CEOs and...

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Return of the Socialist Bogeyman!

An American saga continues… Like all cultures throughout history, America has produced political narratives to solidify essential principles within our society. These values are the reason for our existence and the rationalization of our actions. The idea of the...

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The Hard Truths of White Privilege

The myths and realities of America’s continuing struggle with race and class privilege Photo by The Daily Beast The white privilege debate is about each American’s slice of the pie and the color of the baker who cut the slices. The mistake is assuming that the baker...

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The Gun Debate is Over

(If You Didn’t Realize It, Guns Won) Darius Watson On May 18 of last year there was a school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas. In 25 minutes 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis killed 10 people and wounded 13 more using a revolver and a 12-gauge pump shotgun. The story itself...

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